Puppy Application


To purchase a puppy from Zwilling Boxers the application below must be filled out in full and either emailed or mailed before being considered.

Either copy and paste to an email or print this page.


Contact Information:


Full Name:__________________________________________________________________


Children's names and ages:______________________________________________________


Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________




Home Phone number:___________________


Work Phone number:___________________








Have you ever owned a boxer?___________________________


What is your experience with dogs/puppies?





What do you know about the boxer breed?



How did you hear about Zwilling Boxers?___________________________________________


Were you interested in a pet or show prospect?



What is your first choice of puppy:
Sex: male __ female __ Color(brindle, fawn, white)___________________________

What is your second choice of puppy:
Sex: male __ female __ Color: ___________________



We raise natural eared boxers. While we do recommend leaving the dog natural eared, it is ultimately your decision and it will be allowed. However, we would have to approve the veterinarian you choose and it would be your responsibility to have the crop done (unless we can agree on a reasonable settlement). What is your intention for the boxers ears?



What type of home do you have?___________________________

Do you rent or own?_____________________________


How many hours will the puppy be left alone during the day?______________________


Where will the puppy be left when you are away?_____________________________________


Will the boxer be an indoor or outdoor dog?___________________________________________


Where will the boxer sleep at night?_________________________________________________


Are you prepared to spend time each day to exercise your dog?___________


Please list at least one reference who could verify your suitability to the boxer breed:



Please list your veterinarian, or intended veterinarian:


Clinic name:____________________________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone number:__________________________________________________________________



Please be advised, owning a dog is a huge responsibilty and so is being the breeder of that dog. Puppies will only go to homes in which we deem suitable. Having an extensive knowledge of dogs is certainly not the major criteria for owner selection.





Dena and Todd Scott

Carvel, Alberta, Canada.


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