My interest in boxers came about when I was a teenager.  Admittantly I was fond of Mastiffs as well, but I was pretty sure it would be easier to fit a boxer in my Tempo than a Mastiff.  My first girl was Nala - CH Malimi's Jubilee Star.  This dog ended up being my life and I owe her for teaching me what great companions and protectors Boxers are.  I co-owned Nala with the breeder and she finished her championship in 3 shows.  At 3, she whelped a healthy liiter of 10, which, unfortunately I didn't get to witness as I was in college and she was at the breeders in Calgary.  A year later, I rescued an 8 year old unneutered male boxer that had come to our class (Animal Health) to be radiographed all day then he was to be sent back to the pound to be euthanized.  After putting some weight on him, neutering and getting him used to being allowed indoors, he became Nala's loving companion.  Both these dogs were my everything when I was in college. Nala was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at the age of 5 and died at the age of 6 and Tyson was put down at the age of 12 due to degenerative myolopathy.  I swore I couldn't handle owning a boxer again, untill I met my husband.  Todd had 2 boxers when we met, Jazzy and Cruiser.  After they passed came little Lexi- CH Cair Paravel's Ashbrook Baby CGN , we then adopted Vegas a few years later and added Paris - CH Tricker's Sweetest Pleasure CGN in 2011.  I started showing with Paris and have met many wonderful boxer breeders in the process.  I even finished Paris on my own at the Calgary Show In December 2011.

Our home also includes our 13 year old Boston terrier,  two Devon Rex cats (both rescues oddly enough), one African Grey parrot (adopted through FFARRA), a snake, a hamster, a gerbil and two fish tanks.  In addition, we built our home 2 years ago on my parents farmland where we run horses, cattle, buffalo, sheep and chickens. 

My husband Todd is a veterinarian and partner of Crestwood Veterinary Centre in Edmonton, AB.  I have my Animal Health diploma as well as a degree in Agriculture, but am happy to be a stay-at-home mom for my 7 year old twin girls. 



Dena and Todd Scott

Carvel, Alberta, Canada.


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